Solange Knowles- Style Icons for 2013

This just in- Solange Knowles is still knocking it out of the park in the style stakes.

Her latest look was this cute vintage-inspired cropped suit jacket and pleated skirt worn on the David Letterman Show yesterday. Paired with pointy white heels that on anyone else might be a bit questionable but on Solange? Perfection in a foot.


Fifties style polka dot prom dress with white belt

We are SUCKERS for a polka dot and think this new Yumi dress might be a more (ahem) wearable version of Solange’s gorgeous look (for those of us who need another few goes on the ab-roller before baring the midriff!)

Love her, love it. Thanks Solange, you style icon, you.



Us girls in Carousel are majorly into movies so we decided to start our very own Carousel Film Club! Each week The Carousel Cinephiles be popping popcorn, painting our nails and projecting films we love and cherish here in the shop.

We started last week by channeling our inner Cher with the totally 90s and totally classic Clueless.

This week we’ll be diving into Wes Anderson’s (Let’s face it he’s kind of a Baldwin…) whimsical world with…

…our very own screening of Moonrise Kingdom!

Sam and Suzy’s adolescent adventure won us over in 2012 and we can’t wait to catch all the little Andersonisms we missed in the cinema.

The best bit is we’ll be giving away a copy of Moonrise Kingdom this week on Twitter to one lucky follower! Details to come soon.


The Carousel Cinephiles xx