Carousel Diary: Best of Brooklyn Vintage Clothing

Needless to say us Carousel girls are vintage enthusiasts. Some might even call us vintage freaks! We love finding a one of a kind bargain in our hometown of Dublin, but we also hunt for finds wherever we find ourselves. Far and away one of the best places to find classic vintage pieces is Brooklyn, NYC. We know all the good spots to shop for Brooklyn vintage clothing and you’ll be sure to be the envy of all your friends when you arrive home. First piece of advice? Bring an extra suitcase on your way to the Big Apple!

1. First stop: Beacon’s Closet

The one and only Beacon’s Closet! Beacon’s Closet opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn back in 1997 and is located right in the heart of hipster heaven on North 11th Street between Berry and Wythe. This vintage warehouse buys, sells and trades second-hand clothing and is where you’ll discover some crazy bargains. Most items sell between $10-$50 and you’ll find brands like A.P.C., Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and more. Grab a coffee at Blue Bottle (Berry between North 4th and 5th) and expect to be searching through rails for hours. This place is huge and takes time to sift through. Another piece of advice: Avoid Saturday or Sunday afternoons. The best time to hit up Beacon’s is definitely a mid-week morning. After your done and your weighed down with your incredible new threads head over to Cafe Colette (Berry between North 9th and 10th) for some fish tacos and a gorgeous Bloody Mary.

2. 2nd stop: Fox and Fawn

You’ll be heading over to Greenpoint (otherwise known as where Hannah from Girls lives) to check out Fox and Fawn (Manhattan Avenue between Driggs and Bedford.) Although Fox and Fawn also buys, sells and trades vintage, it’s quite different than Beacon’s Closet. The smaller boutique style vintage shop carries a lot of dresses, many incredibly standout pieces from the 70s and 80s. The shop also carries  a lot of of one of our favourite brands: Built By Wendy. You’ll also find Helmut Lang, Acne and more in Fox and Fawn as well as a nice range of worn in jeans and a very decent collection of vintage shoes. It won’t take long to make your way around Fox and Fawn but after you do make sure and stop in next door to Enid’s for buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy.

3. Next up: 10 ft. Single By Stella Dallas

You may not think you’d find a gem practically underneath the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, but this is New York so you’ve got to leave no grimy city stone unturned. Sitting on North 6th near Metropolitan Avenue, 10 ft. Single is just a few blocks from the Bedford Avenue subway stop. Don’t let its weird Western exterior vibe throw you off, inside you’re about to go back in time. Decorated with hundreds of authentic band t-shirts (think: Sabbath, Kiss, Slayer, etc…) 10 ft. Single is where you are going to find some genuine vintage items. The clothes are far more loved (you’re gonna find rips, stains, and more), but this is far and away the best place to find boots, authentic party dresses from the 50’s on as well as cute 70s summer frocks. 10 ft. Single also has a huge men’s selection so don’t be afraid to bring your man along for the excursion. When you’re done walk a couple of blocks up to for cocktails at Hotel Delmano. This old-timey bar is so charming and delightfully vintage in every way. Do not expect to leave sober.

4. And we’re off to: Malin Landaeus Vintage

This Swedish owned store sits on North 6th street, just off the incredibly busy Bedford Avenue. You might wanna bring your extra cash with you when visiting Malin Landaeus, or expect to practice some serious self control. Their prices are much higher than most of the second-hand shops you will find in Brooklyn, but the owner buys some of the most beautiful pieces you will ever find. If you’re in the market for some genuine leather boots and shoes from around the world then Malin Landaeus is the place to be. You’ll find brogues and ankle boots galore from Italy and Scandinavia. This is also a great spot for jumpsuits, clutch bags and some rare 80s getups. You’ll likely have maxed out you credit card after leaving so we’ll say grab some grub from Polish diner S&B on Bedford Avenue. Perogies and kielbasa for under a tenner.

5. Finally: Atlantis Attic

You’ll be walking over to the Italian section of Williamsburg to check out Atlantis Attic. Stuck between a White Castle drive through and the Irish pub Harefield Road, Atlantis Attic is what you imagine a Brooklyn secondhand shop would look like before everyone got hip and cool. Like Beacons, Atlantis is a huge space and is home to millions of vintage items, but once again these are properly worn in authentic vintage. The prices are amazing- with almost everything in the $10-$20 range, but you will have to spend some time digging to find the good stuff. They’re great for fur coats, men’s clothing, as well as jumpers and summer dresses. You’ll be picking up some great deals at Atlantis Attic so you’ll be able to splash out on some Jalapeno Margaritas and tacos at Mesa Coyoacan just down the road on Graham Avenue and then on for some dancing in Daddy’s bar the block over.


Carousel Diaries: How to Style Collars

One of the most frequently asked questions in the shop is how to style our collars. Us girls positively love them and wear them with almost everything: dresses, t-shirts, cardigans, jumpers, the lot! We’ve made a little video featuring 3 of our favourite collars and Betty is gonna teach you how to style them and hopefully inspire your next collared look!

Check out the video here: Carousel: How To Style Collars

Plus you can buy all our collars online now at:


Brand New Emily & Fin SS 2013 Has Arrived!

We love the Emily & Fin brand here at Carousel and we know you guys have been waiting patiently for the SS 2013 collection. The good news is that it is here…and it’s gorgeous! They’ve paired their classic dress designs, The Alice, The Jessica, The Dorothy and more, with bold, fresh prints. We think it might be our favourite E&F delivey to date! Feel free to drool all over your keyboard…we won’t tell…

The Jessica Dress:

 The Lydia Dress:

The Dorothy Dress:

The Alice Dress:

More about Emily & Fin:

The story… the design duo behind emilyandfin met in London whilst Emily was studying at Central St Martins and Fin was managing an independent boutique. Sharing an interest in all things vintage and quirky they soon began making their own one-off pieces inspired by their travels to faraway corners of the world. In discovering their passion for beautiful clothes, and encouraged by their friends and family, they produced their first collection which was quickly snapped up. Sourcing beautiful cotton prints is their starting block from which they’ll cut their collection, striving to flatter all silhouettes to create colorful, creative and wearable designs. The ethos behind emilyandfin combines simplicity with individuality. Gorgeous dresses for day and evening to beautifully cut skirts and pretty tops are all designed to complement the everyday wardrobe.


Carousel Style File: Sleep Thieves Singer Sorcha Brennan


We are HUGE fans of Dublin band Sleep Thieves here at Carousel and we simply adore singer Sorcha Brennan’s unique and girly approach to fashion. We were lucky enough to sit down with Sorcha to talk about her style and we learned so much about how she’s created her own look.

Carousel: Style plays an important role in how we present ourselves to the world. How would you describe your style?

Sorcha: “I’d describe my style as a mix of classic and vintage, tomboy with a girly twist. I love timeless fabrics like denim (Audrey Hepburn style – think Sabrina and her boating trip), tweed and floral fabrics – anything from Renaissance inspired to 1990s via the 40s and 60s.”

Carousel: You’re look is definitely vintage inspired. What are some of your vintage pieces you’ve bought over the years?

Sorcha: “I have a number of tea dresses which I love wearing with tights and ankle boots. I’ve definitely been influenced by the 90s style of Winona Rider in films like How to Make an American Quilt and Reality Bites, but also novels by Jane Austin (all that silk and floral patterns) and any (good) film with style from the 20s through to the 90s. I also have some lovely 70s “peasant” tops – you know the kind of white blouses with lovely embroidered details. I’ve got a pair of silver dance shoes but they were handed down to me from my Godmother, not bought. I have a Pucci dress which was given to me by an old manager of mine a number of years ago. I once bought a gorgeous 50s (handmade) skirt made of fabric with bunches of grapes and vines on it (like something out of Julianne Moore’s costume department in Far From Heaven).”

Carousel: You like hunting for finds in flea markets. Any tips you could give to the amateur deal digger?

Sorcha: “I love colour and texture. If it feels good then go for it. I tend to avoid polyester because I don’t like how it feels when I wear it.
Always check for stains and tears, as it’s hard to fix them. If you like the pattern or colour you’ll be able to use it for something else even if you tire of wearing it. Don’t buy things that don’t fit! You’re very unlikely to get it adjusted (unless that’s something that you often do). Don’t be afraid to be bold and different, the fun of vintage is that it’s unique, timeless and fun.”

Carousel: As a singer in a band, your style also plays a huge role in your artistic life. How would you describe your stage style and what front women have inspired your look?

Sorcha: “A number of things influence my stage style: I have to feel comfortable, which usually means I feel confident in the clothes. I also don’t want to fade into the stage, so I usually avoid black. I like to wear clothes that catch the light and move well – sequins or floaty white tops are good.

I’ve definitely been influenced by Kate Bush, Debbie Harry, Courtney Love (anyone who grew up in the 90s has to have been influenced in some way by Courtney), Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes), Emily Kokal, Stella Mozgawa Theresa Wayman and Jenny Lee Lindberg ( Warpaint).”

Carousel: Music and art obviously influence fashion greatly- who would you describe as some of your musical/artistic heroes?

Sorcha: “I have always been influenced by the style and films of Audrey Hepburn (I know it’s a cliché but my Dad has always been a fan and passed that to me). I also love the simple, boyish style of Jane Birkin. More recently I think both Charlotte Gainsborg and Sofia Coppola (who share a similar style) are impressive in their pursuit of success and their achievements in their fields.  I still have a soft spot for Winona Rider; I watched her films as a teenager (every one) until the VHS tapes ran out. Kate Bush is incredible because she is so eccentric and makes music, which is timeless but so personal, strong and feminine. She doesn’t apologise, she seems to have infinite confidence in who she is. I also love Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes) because she is similarly unapologetic for being slightly eccentric, she’s a very talented musician and singer and she has gained a wide musical audience writing the songs she wants to write. Her personal style is pretty great too, and having been to her home town of Brighton I can see why – it’s full of amazing vintage stores and small independent boutiques and everyone seems to have a individual sense of style.”


Carousel: It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re off on your bike for a day in town- perfect outfit?

Sorcha: “A floaty floral or white dress, dark tights, ankle boots and a 40s inspired cardigan.”

Carousel: It’s Saturday night and you’ve hit the town- perfect outfit?

Sorcha: “This is what I’m not so good at! I can dress up for a gig but don’t feel as comfortable choosing an outfit for a night out. I’d probably dress down in jeans and a striped top, red lips (my favourite pick me up) and ankle boots. I don’t quite know what the perfect outfit for going out is! But I do know that I like to be comfortable and warm :). ”

Sleep Thieves are currently recording a new album, with the first single to come out this spring. The band will be playing on Paddy’s Day, alongside electro babes Le Galaxie, at the Button Factory. Get tickets at now!

Check out more from Sleep Thieves below: