Carousel Shoot With Xposé


Carousel Shoot With Xposé

Carousel shoot with Xposé this morning! It was so exciting and we can’t wait to see our feature on TV3 this week. We took a look at vintage inspired looks for a retro themed wedding- like Adele’s upcoming wedding next month! We love all things Adele and her style and cannot wait to see what she wears for her big day. We’ll be sure to let you know when to tune into Xposé this week to catch Carousel on the telly! Stay tuned xx

Style File Blog: Laura Elizabeth Hughes


Style File Blog with Dublin-based singer Laura Elizabeth Hughes

(Get the look:

1. Style plays an important role in how we present ourselves to the world. How would you describe your style?

“I guess my style would be quite simple, relaxed and casual chic. I’m not one for fuss so I like to be comfortable in what I wear, thus my everyday wardrobe is full of staple pairs of skinny jeans and loose and relaxed vest tops and oversized sweaters…”

2. Are you a fan of vintage clothing? What’s been some of your favourite buys?

“I am of course, but I am a Charity shop QUEEN, so I find my stuff in places like that! I have ended up with a Vintage silk Prada shirt (oversized of course) that cost me  €4…Where would you be going like!”

3. As a singer, your style also plays a huge role in your life. How would you describe your stage style and what front women have inspired your look?

“My stage style really reflects my music and me as a person.. thus it doesn’t differ hugely from what I wear on a regular basis. It’s a little bit more put together, but it’s still simple and relaxed.

I guess, having the likes of Laura Marling and such as my main influences, she would be the go to lady… I think it was inadvertently her on my style too! I am not overly fashion conscious; I just wear what feels right (obviously it has to look nice too. Ha!).”

4. Who would you describe as some of your musical/artistic heroes?

“Musical Heroes…Hero.. Justin Vernon of Bon Iver! People will be sick to death of me mentioning that wonderful man, but he truly is top of the list.”

5. Where do you write music and how would you describe the environment?

“I form all the bits and pieces all over the place, because my journal will forever be in my handbag, but piecing my songs together is done in my bedroom…

It’s the only space in the world, right now anyway, that’s just mine… It’s just for me… And it’s usually nighttime. There is something about the nighttime that makes me more creative.”

6. You cover a lot of artists- who are you listening to at the moment?

“Listening to a lot of Everything Everything, Frightened Rabbit (staple listening for me), Ghostpoet, James Blake, and m’lady Laura Marling has a new album out so I’m pretty in that!”

7. You recently shot a video- do you enjoy incorporating the visual element to your sound?

“I do yeah… Even in my songwriting, I’m quite visual. I have an Honours degree in Photography so I’ve got that visual element rooted in me. The visual-visual element hasn’t properly been explored yet within my music, but I’m very much about the auditory-visual.”

8. It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re off for a day in town- perfect outfit?

“Weather depending! Of late, with the semi-good weather: Oversized plain, really soft cotton t-shirt, jeggings and black leather studded sandals, accessorised with my gold wishbone necklace (and sunglasses of course).”

9. It’s Saturday night and you’ve hit the town- perfect outfit?

“Black suede platform stilettos with black skinny jeans/good black jeggings, some form of vest top and accessories due to simplicity, with an oversized cardigan thrown in the bag for good measure/late night warmth.”

Laura is playing in Bewley’s Cafe Theatre on Friday night, June 21st, and it’s only €5 in so definitely worth checking out! Laura is still in the middle of her Fund:It campaign to raise the money to record her EP. Help out here:

Check out more from Laura Elizabeth Hughes here:

Steal Her Style Taylor Swift

Steal Her Style: Taylor Swift

Ok, so she’s had a million boyfriends and she won’t stop airing her dirty laundry through her infectious pop songs, but Taylor Swift is also best friends with everyone from Emma Stone to Katy Perry AND has a classic style that we just can’t get enough of. Also she gave us the anthem “We Are Never Getting Back Together.” And believe me Swifty we listened. Hey ex-boyfriend. We’re never, ever getting back together. Like, ever.

Lately Miss Swift has been rocking florals like no one else and since the garden themed get-ups are totally our jam this summer we’re stalking her every fashion move to see how we can wear our summer dresses best.

Since Taylor’s favourite number is 13 we’ve picked 13 looks from the country pop princess that we adore.

1. This Mad Men style shoot makes Betty Draper look like the poor man’s Taylor Swift…

2. Golden leaves? Yes, please!

3. Oh so pretty in pink. Plus we love the knee length on this dress.

4. Perfection!

5. Miss Swift can really pull off this feminine strapless summer dress.

6. Another one of our favourite strapless numbers!

7. Taylor looks gorgeous when she shows off her darker side!

8. What makes T-Swift’s style so special is possibly how accessible it is. Can’t you just see yourself strutting around on a summer’s day in this outfit?

9. Colour POP!

10. Gorgeous in grey.

11. Taylor works her sexier side with this low-cut floral dress.

12. Possibly our favourite of all time. Is the skirt vintage? It’s PERFECT!

13. And finally, Taylor looking impeccable in this floral/stripes combo. Well done, girl.