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Kate Middleton, Princess of Style, Xpose

How would you describe Kate Middleton’s style?




It’s all of that and more. She has a very classic style, using her long,slim figure to her advantage with clean lines and small prints.

Kate Middleton, Carousel, Tv3 Xpose

Kate often goes for similiar silhouettes and familiar styles. These include wrap dresses, shirt dresses, polkadots, and earthy colours.

Kate Middleton, Carousel, Xpose Tv3

Expose had a feature yesterday, Thursday 23rd, inspired by K-Mids looks which featured this very appropriate Circus Polka Wrap Shirt Dress (E65), available at Carousel. What I love about this is it’s easy wearability and that it goes with everything. It was accessorised with 2 bags, the Classic Shopping Bag(E39) in a beautiful berry colour and the Bowling Bag (E49). If it’s a little breezy outside you can pair it with this Annie Anchor Cardigan (E59) with tiny anchor detail or if it’s sunny then top it off with these Jackie O style Kennington  Sunglasses (E19).

Kate Middleton, Carousel, Xpose Tv3

Watch the feature on Xpose here:


Summer Movie Style Inspiration – Look 3: Dirty Dancing

And now, for the last of our series of Summer Movie Style Inspiration, we look at the ultimate girly movie, Dirty Dancing.

Dirty Dancing Summer Movie Inspiration

It’s the summer of 1963. The sweet girl-next-door ,Frances ”Baby” Houseman, joins her family at a holiday resort run by a patient of her father’s. Baby plans to attend college that Autumn and then join the Peace Corps…that is until she meets the ridiculously handsome Johnny and all plans fall by the wayside as she falls head over heels for him (literally!)

Dirty Dancing Summer Movie Inspiration

When we first see Baby she wears embroidered white tops and denim shorts…the picture of simplicity and innocence. As the story progresses and Baby starts to dance with Johnny we are treated to some sumptuous dresses that are all fit and flare. These dresses embody the passionate romance of the movie…and they are all about the femininity.

Dirty Dancing Summer Movie Inspiration

We went away and put  together our own Dirty Dancing inspired look for you. This fit and flare dress has all the femininity of Baby’s finale dress but is more wearable for daytime. Throw this beautifully soft cardigan around your shoulders and you’re ready to dance the mamba!

Dirty Dancing Inspired Outfit


Summer Movie Style Inspiration – Look 2: 500 Days of Summer

Now, we know that “500 Days of Summer” is not technically set only in summertime, but it’s still one of our favorite movies to watch in the summer! This is a love story with a twist that we love – for once the guy doesn’t necessarily get the girl! It reminds us of summer love, and the ups and downs that can bring, and how they inevitably end when Autumn comes (or your holiday is over!). It’s a perfect movie to stay in and watch on rainy summer days.

500 days summer movie style deschanelJust like protagonist Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) fell in love with Summer (Zooey Deschanel), we fell in love with the movies wardrobe! We have long admired Zooey’s off beat and vintage inspired look, and this character seems to be a reflection of Deschanel’s own style. Queue fit and flare dresses, cute vintage dresses, adorable knitwear, and charming separates galore – and they all make up our dream laid back and unique summertime wardrobe.

500-days-of-summer-style-2We put together two outfits we think Summer would be a fan of. This delightful heart print swing dress from Circus looks similar to the dress worn by Summer in the record shop (pictured above) and we can’t get enough of it’s vintage vibes. Add a matching cardigan for those chillier summer evenings, and these retro inspired sunglasses for when the sun’s shining. The second outfit mixes 1950’s and 60’s style with some stand out separates. This collared top definitely has some 60’s influences, while this full skirt reminds us of prim 1950’s style, but updated with that popping pink colour. We’d wear both outfits with a retro beehive and head band to complete the look!

500 days summer movie style carousel vintageIs “500 Days of Summer” one of your summer movie style inspirations?
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Summer Movie Style Inspiration – Look One: Grease!

It’s the height of summer, and on those days when it’s just too warm to go outside, or you’ve already been out and about in the sun all day, we like to cool down by watching some of our favorite (and most stylish!) summer movies. Over the next few days, we will be revisiting our top 3 summer movies, and creating outfits inspired by each one! So first up is the colourful and rambunctious musical “Grease”!

Grease summer movie style retro carousel

A classic story about a good girl and bad boy falling in love, this movie is what we wish our summers in high school were like! Even though made in 1978, this movie still looked back to the 1950’s for it’s setting and style, and the outfits are to die for! With lots of retro fit and flare dresses, poodle skirts, cute little sweaters, bobby socks, and bad ass jackets, this movie is a treat for any vintage loving stylista.

Movie style vintage fashion carousel

Getting the Grease look for yourself isn’t too difficult. We really love lead character Sandy’s style throughout the movie. She has that classic prim 1950’s style – all big full circle skirts, petticoats and cardigans. To pay homage to the movies girl gang “The Pink Ladies” we’ve paired this cute pink polka dot shirt with this gorgeous anchor print full skirt. Just tie your hair into a prim ponytail, add a cardigan (worn on your shoulders only of course!) and a pristine pair of white bobby socks, and you have the Sandy look! If you want to represent Sandy’s “bad” (but oh so good!) side that emerges in the movie, you could pop the collar of your shirt and add these sassy vintage inspired cat eye sunglasses. 

Get Look Grease Movie CarouselCheck back soon for more of our favorite summer movie style – next up is “500 Days of Summer”!

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