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Creative Scarf Tying

Scarves are great.

They come in all sorts of patterns, lengths and fabrics and they’re a great booster accessory for any outfit, not to mind very functional. So why is it that come Autumn you see scarf after scarf tied virtually the same way?

You can do so much with these beauties with a little imagination and thankfully it’s not origami 🙂

Sarah Jessica Parker - SJP - Style - Scarf

Sarah Jessica Parker is our Scarf Hero!

Here’s a selection of creative scarf tying techniques we dreamed up-


1. Tie at one shoulder and drape


1. Finished


2. Wrap around shoulders/upper arms, tie both ends at back of neck, bring endss around and tuck in to front.


2. Finished


3.Join corners at the back of the neck and tie securely, tuck front end up & in to main part.


3. Finished

These are only a few of the hundreds of combinations…try mixing two scarves together. We’re all for clashing patterns 😉

 Here’s some of the designs we have just got in Carousel…we love the fox print-

Scarf - tying - scarves - ilovecarousel - carousel - Vintage -Retro

Scarves at Carousel…see them here:

Love, Carousel. xoxo

Circus- Autumn 2014

This Autumn, fall in love with seasonal patterns and prints in vintage styles.

We have taken inspiration from Vintage silhouettes from the 1930’s through to the 1970’s for this collection.

Florals of every form are in abundance in our own label, Circus. In muted tones of Navy and Fawn, and vibrant shades of Crimson Red and Warm Pink.

Bird prints also make an appearance, in the form of swallows and larks.

Fabric Swatches from the Circus Autumn 2014 collection at Carousel

Fabric Swatches from the Circus Autumn 2014 collection at Carousel

We’re every excited to announce that these unique,vintage-inspired pieces will be available online and in-store from mid-September so keep an eye on our Facebook page HERE and our website at .

 Love,Carousel. xoxo


Your Vintage Guide

Let’s start off by saying Vintage is for everyone! I’m going to help you to identify it, style it in a modern way, and dispel some of those myths that have made the rounds.

Contrary to popular belief Vintage clothing isn’t smelly or dirty and the chances that someone ‘died in it’ are very slim 😀 A good,reliable Vintage shop/supplier will have steamed/washed their stock beforehand ready for you to bring home and cherish. If you’re lucky they will know the background to the item, maybe an event it was worn to, or something interesting about the previous owner.

(L-R)Embroidered Vintage Dress: ,
Vintage Colour Splash Dress: ,                                                                         Vintage Ditsy Dress: .

Vintage is quite easily identifiable when you know what to look out for. Here’s a good guide:

  • Depending on the country, Vintage is either classed as anything older than 10 or 20 years. Anything 100 years or older is classed as ‘antique’.
  • Polyester wasn’t used commercially in clothing until the 1950’s so anything made before that would a natural fabric such as cotton, wool, linen etc.
  • Hems in vintage items are often hand-sewn. It wasn’t unusual to make your own clothing pre-1980’s so hand sewing on garments is a reflection of that.
  • Features such as fabric belts, fabric-covered buttons, Peter Pan collars and shoulder pads are distinct features found on Vintage items.
  • Ruffles were popular in the 80’s, Paisley prints in the 70’s, Block-coloured shift dresses in the 60’s, Prom dresses in the 40’s and Practical but pretty teadresses in the 40’s. Vintage ads are a good indicator of what was popular at the time

The easiest and best way to style vintage without looking like you’re wearing costume is by pairing it with modern-day items. A trilby hat with a teadress, Metallic stilletoes paired with a girly 50’s dress, 60’s shift blouse teamed with jeans.

Vintage is great fun to play with and opens up a whole world of styling variety. Do a bit of research before you head out searching for a unique piece and most importantly: Keep An Open Mind! 😉

Vintage Dip-Dye Lace Dress

 We received a haul of 500 genuine vintage pieces recently and you can check them all out here

Carousel xoxo

Fall in Love With Autumn Fashion

We know it can be hard to let go of your short-shorts and tank tops but once you start to get excited about Autumn Fashion there will be no stopping you!

What we love about chilly-weather dressing  are the possibilities with mixing and matching pieces. Layering is great fun because you can combine items you’ve never thought of putting together before.

The other wonderful aspect to it is the colour palette…warm tones of Cranberry red, jewel tones of green, and Royal Navy Blues.

Don’t look at Autumn as a period of cooling down, look at it as a time to warm up…fashionably.

Circus Joan Dress, 65.00,

Circus Joan Dress, 65.00,

Closet Cut-Out Floral Dress

Closet Cut-Out Floral Dress, 69.00,

Circus Keyhole Dress, 59.00,

Circus Keyhole Dress, 59.00,

We’ll be getting loads of snuggly Autumn stock in to the shop in the next few weeks so keep an eye on the website and facebook page for that!

Carousel xoxo