Carousel Heroes: Happy Birthday Lena Dunham!

It’s not like we ever need a reason to celebrate the existence of Ms Lena Dunham, but since it’s her birthday tomorrow, we thought we should pay special tribute to her this week! A screenwriter, author, producer, director, and actor, Lena’s talent for multi-tasking, and her many achievements, make her one of our heroes here at Carousel.

Apart from her capability to create incredible things, like the HBO smash hit show “Girls“, we are also big admirers of her fearless attitude to life. She’s not afraid to unashamedly be herself, to experiment, and to make mistakes. A self identified feminist, Lena is a big supporter of women, Something we can always get behind!

Her attitude to life is expressed through her style. Lena wears everything with confidence. She is a fan of combining patterns and colours for a statement look. Favoring vintage shapes, like 1950’s fit and flare dresses, and 1960’s shift dresses, Lena mixes the classic with contemporary. From the red carpet to the street, Lena wears what makes her happy, instead of what trends dictate she “should” be wearing. She always looks like she’s having fun, one of the best accessories for any outfit!

There are many lessons to be learned from Lena. She’s a woman not afraid to be outspoken, creative, and unique. For this, we salute her! Wishing you a “Happy Birthday” Lena!

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