Carousel love’s Vintage

One of the most exciting days in Carousel is the arrival of a new Original vintage delivery. It is the one day everybody comes in early. Who would have thought such a friendly bunch of girls could get so primal!!

  • Our vintage is shipped from Singapore, Seoul, Japan and else where in Asia
  • It is hand selected before shipping
  • Each piece is washed and cleaned and inspected for any major damage
  • Where necessary the waist is elasticated to give it shape
  • If the dress is too long it is shortened to a more contemporary length, determined by the personality of the dress

What exactly is “Vintage Clothing”?

Vintage Clothing is a term for garments hailing from another era. Generally speaking, clothing older than 25 years is considered to be vintage , though opinions vary on this definition. Many sellers of vintage clothing consider even more modern pieces to be ‘vintage’, provided that they are particularly representative of the era in which they were made. For example, the very simple slip dresses that emerged in the early 1990’s as an expression of the impact of minimalism and grunge aesthetics on fashion would be considered ‘vintage’ by many collectors and sellers of vintage clothing. What once brought up images of your grandmother’s closet, in the past few years has become a creative and stylish way to dress.

When women of the mid-1900’s needed something special to wear for an occasion, it wasn’t uncommon for them to create something for themselves. Whether they came up with the design or took inspiration from a Mccall’s pattern, clothing from this era was often unique and/or one-of-a-kind. Today, many people go to their local shopping malls or shop online for items to fill their wardrobe gaps. Anyone who has shopped at these malls is aware of the frustration that comes from trying to find a fabulous dress that will make you stand out when all you are surrounded by is boring, look-alike outfits.

Vintage clothing is a world away from the mass produced. It gives you the opportunity to take something from a different time and make it your own. It’s also easy to take vintage fashions and mix them in with your current wardrobe.

The fashion revolution of the 1960s brought us clothing and styles that were much more varied. People of the time embraced this by scouting thrift shops and yard sales, and vintage clothing stores began opening in the 1970s.

Vintage is all about giving new life to an item that had become a cast off. We are seeing more celebrity stylists, like Patricia Field and Rachel Zoe , dressing their clients in vintage. And with current designers like Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson constantly showing vintage inspired pieces on the runway, I think it is undeniable that vintage is here to stay!

Care of Vintage Fabrics

When in doubt HANDWASH! You must remember whilst most vintage items were well made,  they are still vintage.

 Here are a few tips to preserve your favourite new purchase!

  • Clean a vintage item immediately after wearing to avoid stains.
  • Use liquid detergent instead of powder or dry clean or vodka mixed with water is apparently a winner but don’t blame us if you get arrested!!!
  • Never store vintage items in plastic bags. They need to breathe.
  • Never hang vintage knits or fragile items…they stretch. Fold and store in draws.
  • Keep clothes away from light. It fades and deteriorates the fabric over time.
  • Use mothballs or lavender to keep away pests. Near but not touching the fabric.
  • Never use wire hangers. They can rust…use padded or wooden hangers
  • Use cool to warm water to avoid fade or running of garment dyes and spot clean first before washing. Steam rather than iron where possible

 Some of our favourite Vintage style icons of the past and present are.

Style Icons Of The Past
Ali McGraw
Audrey Hepburn
Brigitte Bardot
Goldie Hawn
Mary Tyler Moore

Twiggy Lawson

Style Icons Of The Present
Carrie Bradshaw
Kate Hudson
Rachel Bilson
Sienna Miller
Zooey Deschanel