Summer Style Inspiration: Keira Knightley in Begin Again

Our Carousel film recommendation this month is Begin Again (2013), a charming, music-infused film from the director of Once (2006), John Carney.

Summer style inspiration from Keira Knightley movie

As in Once we follow two broken hearts on a musical journey across a city. Dublin is replaced with New York, a bigger budget is added , with some star power in the forms of Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo. Both give warm and likable performances as a young singer-songwriter, and an aging producer, respectively. They’re both flailing on their own but gain energy and purpose from each other.

Begin again movie vintage style inspiration

The soundtrack doesn’t have anything to match the emotional heights of Falling Slowly, but it’s good enough to have us invest in Keira Knightley’s character as a musician and songwriter worthy of our attention. The songs are simple but have an emotional resonance, as does Keira’s surprisingly accomplished vocal performance, her voice sweet and affecting.

Mark Ruffalo is adorably crumpled, as usual, as a once idealistic producer hoping to find an authentic talent to cultivate.

With a colourful cast of characters to round out the film, Carney succeeds in creating a community we care about.

We loved Keira’s laid back, vintage-inspired style in the film, it’s giving us some real summer style inspiration! Mixing sweet sundresses and fun blouses paired with high waist trousers, she hits the Carousel fashion sweet spot. We can imagine lots of our favourite Circus pieces fitting right in to her wardrobe.

Vintage Style Inspiration from Queens of the Screen!

Girls on Film – we get some vintage style inspiration from the movies!

For decades, women in film have inspired how we have dressed. The iconic ladies of the screen have an incredible way of creating characters that bring out a desire to “BE” like them. Here at carousel we definitely find some new vintage style inspiration every once in a while that influences how we want to dress. Nine times out of ten, it’s definitely dictated by a character, actress, or women in history, that we really admire.

First, lets look to fictional characters: Take “Penny Lane and the Band Aids” In Almost Famous (2000) for instance. Penny and her gal pals exude the quaint essential 70’s chick style. Too cool for school (did they even go to school?) and always effortlessly styled in loose-fitting spring time vibes. Now I’m not saying we should all copy these characters, because that wouldn’t exactly be creative now would it? Instead, how about we imagine we were part of their gang. Now that’s way more fun! (And who doesn’t love a super cool girl gang?) So grab your groovy gal pals, stick on Tiny Dancer by Elton John and blast it out on a highway while wearing these cool threads:

Almost Famous 70's style movie inspiration

movie quote style almost famous

70s style vintage inspiration movies

Next up, a woman with on and off screen style: Let’s take it back to the 40’s and 50’s with the ever chic, Jean Seberg. Muse of French New-Wave director Jean-Luc Goddard, and all-roundminimal beauty. Jean encapsulates classic cool French style on film, and in her own personal style, with pastel blues, baby pinks, and adding an edgy touch to her classic feminine style with a short pixie cut. Which (be warned) you may even be tempted to try out a pixie cut  yourself if you fall for her like Goddard did.

inspiration movie style jean serberg

vintage style inspiration retro dress from Carousel

jean seberg movie style blouse carousel

And last but most definitely not least in our current girls on film loves: A woman with incredible personal style – the unfathomable Bianca Jagger. How is she even a real person? Too hot to handle, queen of the 60’s & 70’s, the ultimate risk taker. Bianca’s style was, and is not, for the faint of heart. But luckily enough, its not so hard to emulate. So get your stilettos and head scarf wrap on, and take a look at how we re-create her style.

bianca jagger vintage style inspiration collage

vintage style inspiration carousel