Inspirational Movie Style: God Help the Girl!

We have all lost many a precious hour watching pure drivel on Netflix, but the beauty of the site is that sometimes you can stumble across a little known gem. That happened to me on a recent duvet day when I decided to watch God Help The Girl (2014). It turned out to be one of my better decisions of late! I have since forced everyone who works in Carousel to watch it too.

God Help The Girl is an utterly charming musical. It’s a touching and thought-provoking film with a fantastic soundtrack. It was written by Stuart Murdoch of ‘Belle and Sebastian’ fame and stars Olly Alexander (of Years and Years), Emily Browning, and Hannah Murray. Pierre Boulanger who (ironically) plays Anton the Swiss German deserves a special shout-out, if only for his beautifully French name.

The costumes in the film are pretty spot on, and maybe I’m biased, but I thought they really reflected the Carousel aesthetic. Cassie and Eve wear vintage inspired clothes throughout the film, similar to some of our favorites from Circus and Lavande. I set about trying to recreate with dresses available at Carousel below!

God-help-the-girl god-help-thegirl-1

1. Pretty Vacant Pixie Dress available here 2. Straw boater hat here 3. Grace Kelly glasses here 4. Circus Floral Lana dress here

god help the girl movie style vintage

god help the girl retro dress style

5. Lavand floral dress here 6. Straw Cloche hat here 7. ’40’s Cat Eye Sunglasses here 8. Circus Striped Brigitte dress here

The clothes in God Help the Girl look great, but the outfits are not very difficult to put together. A cute vintage-style dress and a some inspired accessorising will do the trick!

movie style musical vintage inspired

I’d love to know if anyone else has seen God Help the Girl. If so, what did you think? If you haven’t seen it, watch it right away, it’s marvelous. Great costumes, brilliant acting, catchy soundtrack, what’s not to love? I really think this one is set to become a cult classic!

Isabelle x

Retro Sunglasses: Vintage Flair Against Summer Glare!

Sunglasses are an absolute style staple, and we take great pride in Carousel selecting the perfect vintage inspired styles for the summer.  Even though our weather isn’t always up-to suncream scratch, retro sunglasses are a must have accessory, and can do more for you than shield the glare.retro sunglasses grace kelly style

As huge fans of all things vintage,  today we’re looking at one of our favorite retro frame shape – the cat-eye.  The cat-eye first became synonymous with librarians and secretaries in the 1950s and 1960s.  Eventually that fabulous feline shape came to the attention of the masses after Miss Audrey Hepburn wore them in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961). Soon the rest of the glamour-pusses such as Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly followed suit and the cat-eye became a shape icon!

audrey hepburn vintage  summer sunglasses

Our top tips for pulling off this classic are easy peasy! If you don’t want to go super retro and horn rimmed, opt for a softer, more curved rim.  Pick a colour that compliments your best facial features like your eyes or hair.  Don’t pick a shape too harsh on your face as some styles can be pretty extreme! Lastly – be confident, you look fab!
Check out our top picks available at Carousel below, and add that perfect retro finishing touch to all your outfits this summer!

The Grace Kelly (available here):

grace kelly inspired retro sunglasses

Big Cat (available here):

big cat vintage inspired cat eye sunglasses

Fifties Office (available here):

1950's inspired black office sunglasses

Forties Cat Eye (available here):

1940's inspired black cat eye sunglasses

Musicgals: The Inspiring Style of Women in Music

It’s no secret that music inspires our lives every day, not to mention the musicians and their own personal style behind it. Women in music, past and present, are a driving force of inspiration and expression in personal style for us here at Carousel. Whats cooler than an all-girl punk band in mini-skirts singing about how powerful women are? Kathleen Hanna once said ‘I believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure, babe.’ She was talking about buying dresses right? Or did I get that one wrong, I mean, a full wardrobe of new threads seems pretty pleasurable to me.

Or what about a 50’s Jazz beauty, dressed to the nines in a gorgeous midi dress, telling us stories of her long lost love? By emulating these stunning and powerful women, we can be transported to a different era. Style is timeless, and if you wanna pop to the shops on a Sunday morning in an Ella Fitzgerald-esque 1940’s frock, then we are all for it! Style is about having fun! If metaphorical dress-induced time travel doesn’t float your boat, you can always stay right here in 2015, “Shake Off” the bad vibes, and dance to the good ones in your favourite party dress á-lá Taylor Swift. And well, that seems pretty perfect too. Just do you, girl.

That girl thinks she’s the queen of the neighbor hood, well I’ve got news for you.. SHE IS!” (Bikini Kill, Rebel Girl, 1993)

aretha franklin vintage style soul singer

Channel soul sensation Aretha Franklin with 1960’s inspired A-line dresses and sweet floral sundresses. Finish off the look with some accessories that are ‘sweeter than honey’.
(Green Claudette Dress here, Twiggy Dress here, Sunglasses here, Earrings here)

sarah vaughan jazz women in music

Emulate the effortless 1940’s femininity and grace of jazz singer extraordinaire Sarah Vaughan, but stay cool and moody and true to her jazz roots in dark, cool colors and dark cat eye shades.
(Grey Lillian dress here, Blue polka dot Ingrid dress here, Necklace here, Sunglasses here)

solange knowles singer retro style

Get colorful and daring with some bright retro styling like the eternally cool Solange Knowles.(Butterfly Betty dress here, Red Ava 1940’s dress here, 1940’s Sunglasses here, Daisy print scarf here)

Taylor Swift style pop music singer circus

Grab Taylor Swift’s perfectly pretty style in gorgeous separates. Our Olivia skirt (Which just so
happens to be the name of one of Taylor’s cats… Coincidence? I think not.) and Marlene blouse just ooze preppy-cool. Simply add a pair of Taylor’s signature wayfarer sunglasses to finish the look!
(Burgundy Olivia skirt here, Rabbit print Angie shirt here, Blue Marlene blouse here, Floral 1950’s Anita skirt here, Wayfarer sunglasses)

kathleen hanna style riot girl carousel

Steal riot grrrl icon Kathleen Hanna’s unique and rebellious style in super cool mini skirts, shift dresses, and huge glasses!
(Peach Angie blouse here, Spot Skirt here, Black Shift dress here, Sunglasses here)