90s Fashion Revival

It’s no secret that we at Carousel LOVE the vintage look. From 20s flapper dresses to 50s prom dresses (and everything in between)- we are all about old school glamour.

But sometimes it’s fun to consider a more recent vintage… The 90s look is now 20 years old (can you believe it?) and it is high time we reviewed those b-balling, bell-saving fashion trends. The 2012 Spring Summer catwalk shows referenced 90s style in a big way (we missed you Versace!) and for us girls at Carousel any excuse for a focus on vintage is a welcome one!


The 90s grunge look was all about anti-fashion; hair and make up was undone, femininity was understated, and uniqueness was prized, hence the revival of vintage and second-hand clothing.

The 2012 reincarnation of grunge has a glamorous twist, but the focus on effortless style remains.

So for those of you experimenting with fashion’s focus on the decade of grunge, I present:


The 2012 Guide to 90s fashion

(or: How Not to look like a mental patient while wearing a Bumbag)



Don’ts: As If! (Your money would be better spent on a Janet Jackson cassette tape)


Bumbags         Stop trying to make bumbags happen Marc Jacobs. Bumbags are not happening.

Kitten heels     The most unflattering footwear known to man (unless you count Crocs as footwear)

Dungarees       Not even in an ironic way, not even with one strap ‘sexily’ undone.

Backwards hats

Baggy Jeans

Belly Button Piercings, Tramp stamps




Dos: Righteous! (Bon Jovi might invite you backstage)


Vintage floral dresses Whether mini, maxi, shift or shirt; there’s a frock to suit every figure

BLACK                                  Full on, think Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice

Tie Dye                                    For 2012 stick to a single colour, and wear with denim

Lace                                        Any and all colours and patterns

Doc Martins                            True classics are few and far between but chunky docs win every time.

Neon                                       Very sports luxe, very London 2012

Ponytails                                 But sleek and never to the side, thanks anyway The Babysitter’s Club.

Crop Tops                                Big news this season for the daring among you…

90s Band Tshirts                     You won’t even have to say ‘I prefer their early stuff’ because your                                      t-shirt says it for you. Shirt sleeves cut off? Entirely up to you.

Clueless                                   If Cher wore it in Clueless, it’s golden: knee socks, mini leather back                                               packs, plaid, headbands. You too can be a total Betty.



Key Notes-


1- Feel free to accessorize any outfit with a rave whistle necklace (see: neon above).

2- Despite what Freddie Prinze Jnr. would have you believe, a girl can sport glasses and a ponytail, without risking social isolation. This was an era before Geek Chic.

3- If in doubt the golden rule:  Don’t wear anything you’ve ever seen on Julia Stiles. 10 Things I Hate About You, Save the Last Dance: great movies, but some of the worst offences against fashion

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  1. Nikhil says:

    you’d have to go with calatogs, like a guess or bebe calatog pure fashion although, it’ll only be that certain brand, if you stock up on diff calatogs from diff stores, abercrombie, guess, bebe ect..you’ll have a collection of calatogs that are endless in fashion and great pictures and great ideas and you can even mix and match both styles!

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